About Us

The ELSA Network

ELSA (The European Law Students’ Association) is an association of law students founded in 1981 in Vienna by a group of four students, divided by the Berlin Wall but united by the study of law. Since then, the association has grown exponentially and expanded its business, being currently represented in more than 300 universities in a universe of 42 countries.

The ELSA network consists of 38 000 law students and young lawyers. All law students and young lawyers can become members of ELSA. To do so, just contact your local group.

Welcome to ELSA!

Our purpose

Destined to law students and young lawyers, ELSA is an association that provides access to the activities organized by several local groups, including ELSA Summer Law Schools scattered throughout Europe, International Moot Court competitions in partnership with organizations such as the Council Europe and the World Trade Organization and work experience across Europe with the Student Trainee Exchange Progamme.Network

ELSA is also an UN and Council of Europe observer member and is considered the largest independent association of students in the world.

Mission: To contribute to legal education, foster mutual understanding and promote social responsibility of law students and young lawyers.

Vision: A world based on respect for human dignity and cultural diversity.