The aim of the ELSA Day is to jointly demonstrate our human rights engagement by providing our members legal education opportunity which enables them to be independent and critically minded individuals.

The fifth edition of the ELSA DAY focused on Migration Law. The goal of this traditional ELSA event is to raise awareness to a topical theme. Certainly ,Migration Law is one of the problems modern society is facing and to which we are far from finding a solution. children-428909b.jpg

It has been difficult for the majority of the European countries to reach a consensual approach on this matter. And with the purpose of understanding what today’s youth is thinking about this issue but especially aiming to improve our members’ critical sense, ELSA UCP Porto decided to organize a debate.

In that way, we associated with our university’s debate group and gathered our members for a healthy discussion about an highly controversial theme. The result was brilliant, with so many points of view and new perspectives brought to our attention.

We would like to thank the debate group of Católica Porto and all the participants for such a productive moment!