To apply for the Model United Nations 2017 click here.


1) The Main Fee is mandatory and includes the participation in the Model United Nations, working materials, accommodation, transports and meals.

2) The Additional Fees are optional and the applicants may choose according to their preferences, between the provided list.

The candidate cannot deselect additional fees after being selected by the Organizing Committee. The candidate may select additional fees at any time after applying, however, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse the request due to the lack of availability. The candidate may select additional fees during the event, in Oporto, by paying immediately. Prices selected using this method may differ from those described before.


The selected participants are obliged to make a down-payment correspondent to the main fee to ELSA UCP Porto until April 12th. Whenever the candidate is required to pay, the Organizing Committee will send an invoice which discriminates the amount owed and its International Bank Account number. Participants must pay the remaining amount on the check in.


You will be awarded a certificate by ELSA UCP Porto and Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Please note that by sending ELSA UCP Porto your application, you are agreeing to:

-Pay the selected main and additional fees regardless of your own ability to participate in the event;

-Have valid insurance during your stay;

-Compensate ELSA UCP Porto and any third parties for damages caused by your own violations of the applicable law during your stay.

The down-payment is not refundable. Both parties agree to immediately communicate to the other party any changes to the information described.