Oporto International Competition

During the last two years, we were able to establish an image of credibility and trustworthiness in the international network due to the Oporto International Summer School.14900441_1199707086780205_7811605897065193392_n.jpg

This year we dreamed of accomplishing more and that was the foundation for the Oporto International Competition.

The concept was to develop a new dynamic in ELSA that allowed law students and recent graduates to expand their legal capacities. The goal was to come up with a model vast enough to be renewed in the future, fulfilling the need to evolve our soft skills in the legal world.

As a lawyer, you will probably negotiate more than you do anything else. You will negotiate not just over cases, but any time you need something that you cannot get alone. You will negotiate with your boss, your clients, your paralegal and all of their counterparts (plus the lawyers) on the other side. With no doubt, this is a skill you should master.

Furthermore, there is no better setting place for this competition than the city of Oporto. A city that lives and breathes history, culture and youth. Oporto has been receiving each year more and more international recognition as the perfect destiny in Europe to study abroad and to visit.

And what better way to relax from the frantic days of the competition and the city spirited atmosphere than to embrace the tranquility of the countryside in a five star hotel located in the wonderful hills of the Douro Valley? These definitely are the perfect ingredients to an amazing and unforgettable week.