The first edition of the Oporto International Competition will take place between the 31st of January and 7th of February.


Academic Programme

The topic for the first edition of the Oporto International Competition is Negotiation. The concept of the event allows us to approach each legal skill with sufficient profoundness, meaning the participants will truly have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge on a specific theme and in a pratical way.

With the aim of ensuring the participants will be ready to negotiate at an advanced level, the Organizing Committe will provide, at least one month prior to the event, the working materials. These will be essential for your preparation, since it is a compilation of negotiation theories and its applicability to some specific areas.

During the negotiation processes, these are some of the themes to be addressed:

  • Commercial Negotiation
  • Environmental Negotiation
  • State Negotiation
  • Human Rights Negotiation

The juris’panel will count with a vast number of renown professionals from law firms, universities and specialised organisations. The participants will be divided into teams and the final price will be address to the team that won more points during the multiple negotiation moments.

The negotiation competition will be held at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Foz Campus), the eldest Law School in Oporto anProgrammed highly-renowned in Portugal and internationally. The negotiation competition includes practical moments, in those you will be evaluated but also get a feedback of your contribution.

By the end of this competition, you will have truly evolved your negotiation skills, acquiring the best techniques, to end up with a deal that meets your interests, from recognized professionals in the field.


Social Programme

The Oporto International Competition – Negotiation Edition was planned having in mind the participant’s interests. We are all students so we know that the fun part can’t be missing. That’s why we thought: “Why not bring you all to our beautiful and bohemian city, Oporto?”.

Oporto was named Best European Destination in the years of 2012 and 2014 and its historical center was considered by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage.The city unfolds along the river bank and the sea shore, to reveal charming vistas, inviting esplanades and all the pleasures of the outdoors, framed by its green spaces.

There will be one day fully-reserved to sightseeing, during which the participants will have the opportunity to see the bridges, Sé do Porto, Torre dos Clérigos and Ribeira, where they will be able to experience the genuinity of Oporto’s preserved traditions and culture.


On the 5th February we will head the Douro Valley’s region. We have prepared a visit to the typical vineyards. Having wine tastings and walking around the region considered World Culture Heritage by UNESCO are only some of the few things we have prepared for you.



ggThe participants will be accomodated at Garden House Hostel, which is located in downtown Oporto, 3 minutes (walking distance) away from Avenida dos Aliados, the historic center of Oporto.

The hostel is located in Santa Catarina street, the heart of the Oporto’s shopping district. During the night and not far away from the hostel, Oporto has numerous bars and clubs where you can have fun all night long.

porto-school-hotel-e1473931475520-770x439_cDuring the time we spend in Douro Valley, we will have the opportunity to stay in a five star hotel, which is used as a student accommodation by Porto School Hotel.

The hotel has a breathtaking view to the margins of the river, so you will be able to appreciate the wonderful vineyards right from your room. At this point, you will only be asked to feel the ELSA spirit, enjoying the last days in Portugal with the rest of the participants and the O.C.